All cats 6 months old and over must be sterilised according to the WA Cat Act 2011

This isn’t the only reason to sterilise your cat.

The following are also important too:

  • Reduces cat overpopulation: By preventing pregnancy. Shelters/Rescues have more cats than there are homes and this results in thousands of perfectly healthy cats being euthanised each year.
  • Reduces Cancer: Desexing greatly reduces the risk of cervical cancer and eliminates the risk of ovarian cancer in female cats
  • Reduces Fighting: The male cats urge to fight fuelled by hormones is significantly reduced. This helps to prevent your cat from getting fight wounds and the diseases they can catch through them like FIV and FeLv.
  • Reduces Roaming: By reduces the hormones in both males and females that drive them to roam seeking a mate. Your cat will be less likely to get lost and injured by the perils of the outdoors.
  • Reduces Behavioural Issues: Decreases the chance of behavioural issues such as urine spraying to mark territory in both males and females. Male urine past the age of 6 months is extremely potent and unpleasant.

When should my kitty be sterilised?

Female cats can become pregnant as early as 4 months of age so it is recommended that they be sterilised from 4-6 months old.

Male cats can be sterilised from 4 months of age and should be done by a maximum of 6 months old.

What is involved in Sterilisation?

Desexing of animals can only be performed by registered Veterinarians.

The procedure for females involves surgical removal of the ovaries and uterus and for males is the removal of the testes.

These procedures are routine and safe for healthy animals to have done and it takes 10-14 days for them to recover.

Where can I get my cat desexed?

All vet clinics perform desexing procedures so you can contact your local clinic to arrange it.

Some local councils will have special agreements in place with vets in their area for discounted desexing for their residents. Check with your local council as to if they have any of these programs in place.

Cat Haven offer discounted desexing and microchipping services to pensioners and Health Care Card holders.

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