Cats Available – Rascal



From his foster carer: 

This older gentleman is an absolutely excellent companion. He loves company, both human and feline. (I think he loves humans a bit more though). 

He loves to be picked up and cuddled and will smooch you forever. He also is happy to do his “cat” thing and relax in a sunny window or roll in the sand in the cat run.

He can be a bit demanding if he thinks he’s not getting enough attention and will give a gentle slow nip on your leg or arm. For this reason I wouldn’t recommend young children or people with sensitive skin. 
I stress he is very gentle and l have never seen him lash out at anyone or any other cats.

Rascals favourite game is playing hide and seek with his human foster sister and this usually turns into chasey. He would love a home where there is company most of the time. 

Rascal is an indoor only kitty that is used to having a secure cat run.

Rascal has quite long fur and it will really help him if he can be brushed every day to stop knots forming. He recently had a lion clip to remove knots from his belly. His fur has grown back beautifully and he is very handsome.

Age: 11 years young
Sex: Male 
Breed: Maine Coon x (Medium/long hair) 
Colour: Tabby
Desexed: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Vaccinated: To be updated 
Litter trained: Yes
Indoors or with a cat run
Good with other cats 
Untested with dogs
No young children or people with sensitive skin


This includes microchipping, vaccinations, health check and parasite control. 

If you would like a handsome older gentleman as a companion please complete the adoption application below: