Sadly Zach and Bella are having to be rehomed and need a home by May.

Zachary (mitted seal tabby point) and Arabella (seal tabby point) were 12yrs old last month, not that you’d ever know by the way that they play and carry on – sometimes they play like they’re still kittens!
Zach and Bella are purely inside cats and have only ever been apart for a couple of solo vet visits. It is extremely important that they stay together and are kept safe inside; as all ragdolls should. They are great with other pets, babies and children and will be greatly missed by my two sons. Zach is the talkative snuggle puss and Bella is the quiet watching type but when she warms up to you she is extremely loving. They both love boxes, being on them and especially in them, as well as bath tubs and couch cuddles. They like company so to have someone who can give them lots of time during the transition would be ideal.

Zach and Bella are both purebred ragdolls from the best breeder in Perth, Raggaleda (now Furreleda). They are desexed and microchipped and in great health.

Age: 12 years
Sex: Male and Female
Breed: Pure Ragdolls
Microchipped: Yes
Sterilised: Yes
Indoor only so not vaccinated
Vet Checked: Yes. March 21
Clean bill of health.
Indoors only
Good with cats, dogs and children

Medical notes: Zach can get an upset tummy sometimes which can be controlled with diet.

Currently located in Edgewater

If you would like to adopt this sweetheart please complete the adoption application online.