Meet Milo & TimTam!

Milo & TimTam are a bonded pair of brothers who have come from one of the colonies that 9 Lives Cat Rescue manages.
They’ve been in foster care for close to a year now & are currently in their second foster home where they’ve made so much progress.
Milo (the black and white boy) is now a smoochy, curious boy who loves to play and demands pats, but still has his timid moments. Once you start patting he’ll lap it up for as long as you’re willing and he has the cutest softest squeeky meow too.
TimTam (the ragdoll cross) is still a ‘Display model only’ and even though he loves being in the company of humans – Timmy loves to sit on his carers desk just out of reach and watch her work – he still isn’t comfortable with being patted or touched.
TimTam loves to play and will play with the fishing rod toys with you for as long as you’ll do it. And he loves the red lazer pointer even more.
We do feel that once in their own forever home, they will both eventually relax and come into their own even more.
They just need a home who’ll give them that chance.
These boys are bonded and must stay together.
The lucky family that takes these boys into their hearts need to have a lot of patients and understand that they need to move and progress at their own pace.

Both of these boys are eager to meet all of the cats in their current foster home & will get along with any welcoming cat.
They haven’t had anything interaction with the resident dogs though, but as long as the dogs aren’t boisturious, they should be fine.

Age: both approx 18mths
Sex: both male.
Breed: Milo – Ragdoll cross Domestic Short Haired Black & White.
TimTam – Ragdoll cross Domestic Short Hair Brown & Cream
Desexed: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Vet checked: Yes
Indoors preferred or with cat run.

Fostered in Roleystone

If you would like to adopt this sweetheart please complete the adoption application online.