MEET Minnie Mouse!

Hi Cat-lovers, my name is Minnie Mouse (also called Mousy)!
I was found together with my 3 babies up in Heathridge. I have not had it easy in life at all! I
got pregnant straight away – I was still a baby myself. I was not ready myself to survive out
there – let alone having to look after 3 babies. I was at the edge of dying – emaciated and
not being able to feed myself and my babies. Luckily, 9 Lives rescued us and we were safe
at first. My babies found homes quite quickly. I, however, have not found a home yet.
The initial foster carer had me in a room for a year and did not really know how to get myself
out of my shell. I was scared and stressed. So I got to a different foster carer. This home has
been great for me and I transformed! Within 6 months I came out of my shell and actually
found my inner kitten. I am 2.5 years old now but I look and act like a kitten. I am quite small
and will stay that way – I won’t grow anymore. Hence, Minnie in the name. I am also a quiet
cat which is why my foster carer came up with mousy. So the name developed into Minnie
In the last 6 months, I have discovered how much I love to chase toys around (preferably soft
mice toys). I love having my ralleys through the house! And oh gosh, I get sooooo excited
when being with other cats!!! I will roll over on my back and subordinate straight away! I have
been lonely for too long but I am absolutely not a loner! I need to be with other cats and I
promise I am not a dominant one! My character has been coming out more in the last 6
months – I am little weirdo but a VERY cute one! I love watching you in the bathroom! And
when you are in the bath tub, uuuhhh the water and the splash really excites me! I love
stealing shirts from the hangers in the closet and I love stealing other cats’ toys and
sometimes the cats’ bed – ooops!
I am still coming out of my shell – I won’t let you touch me yet but you can come so close
already! I have had it so rough in my life that it just takes me a little bit to trust you but I
promise I do (which I have proven to be in the last 6 months). I already have so much
character – Imagine me in another 6 months when I fully trust you and have fully settled in? I
love being around you and will always be near you! As I said I am not a loner!
I am such a cutiepie and I deserve a loving home with cats around me. Do you have a warm
and safe place for me in your heart? I promise I do!

Age: 2.5 years
Sex: Female
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Microchipped: Yes
Desexed: Yes
Vaccinated: To be done on adoption
Indoors or with a cat run
Must have other cats – this is the key of getting her trust hoomans since she watches and
imitates once she is ready
Older children only
No experience with dogs (probably more a no)


If you would like to adopt this sweetheart please complete the adoption application online.