BONDED PAIR – Need home by 31st July

Foxy and Lily are 5 year old sisters who would love to go to their forever home together as they enjoy cuddling and cleaning one another.

They are both lovely girls with quite different personalities.

FOXY is quite reserved with humans at first. She does like a pat, and will meow and rub herself against you. She just isn’t used to being touched for too long. She can be shy at first, but the best way to this girls heart is through food and she has definitely has abit too much in the past, as she is quite overweight. She really LOVES toys and often runs off with them after a play to stash them in her secret spot for later. She enjoys being able to climb on cat trees or hide in boxes. She can coexist with other cats, but prefers her sister Lily. She can be spooked easily, so lots of time and a safe space for her is required, but after warming up to you she will be more confident to explore and have cuddles. Foxy is very funny and often accidentally sticks her tongue out of her mouth for too long when something tastes yucky or she’s finished cleaning herself. Being very round she needs to be on a weight loss diet.

LILY loves to be around humans! She is very affectionate and confident. She warms up to new people within a couple of meets and will be sleeping on their chest and meowing for pats in no time. She loves to be on you, next to you, or under the blankets with you. She is an inquisitive cat and will try/ get into most things to explore. She loves food and toys a lot. Lily is great with other cats and loves a good nose to nose sniff. Everyone who meets Lily falls in love with her kind and relaxed nature.

Both of these girls love to play and explore new toys, boxes and climby things. They enjoy being around each other and sleeping together at night. They are used to being put to bed in their own room at night, but I’m sure they would love to sleep with you if given the chance. Kids and dogs might be too scary for Foxy, but a house with cats is okay.

Lily and Foxy will steal your heart once settled in and are the purrfect addition to anyone’s home who is looking for two very cute cuddle buddies.

AGE: 5 years
SEX: Female
BREED: Domestic Short Hair
VACCINATED: To be updated on adoption
Indoors only please or indoors with a secure cat run.
Older children only.
Untested with dogs.
Can live with other cats.

Fostered in Carlisle

If you would like to adopt this sweetheart please complete the adoption application online.