Emergency Medical Issues and Vet Services

Sometimes kitties get sick when general vet practices aren’t open but there are still vet services that can help.

The following are medical issues your kitty may develop that need urgent medical attention:

Collapse/non-responsive or unable to stand
– Respiratory distress/difficulty breathing with increased effort
– Seizures
– Ingestion of toxin/poisoning
– Major trauma e.g. hit by car, fractured limbs, head injury, tail pull injury
– Burns or scalds
– Eye injury
– Dystocia (difficulty giving birth)
– Dysuria (difficulty passing urine – especially male cats)
– Serious bleeding/haemorrhage
– Continuous vomiting or diarrhoea (esp very young or elderly cats)
– Ingestion of a foreign body
– Anorexia (Not eating) for more than 24 hours
– Spillage of something toxic on coat e.g. motor oil

Please DO NOT be tempted to medicate your cat with humans medications, as many (such as paracetamol) are extremely toxic to cats and can be fatal


 Perth Veterinary Emergency

3/162 Wanneroo Rd Yokine WA 6060

6244 5928

Open 24 hours

Emergency Vet Hospital EVH Location

1 Chokolich Street

9200 4460

Open 24 hours


1/640 Beeliar Dr, Success

9412 5700

Open 24 hours

Murdoch Pet Emergency Centre

90 South St, Murdoch

1300 652 494

Open 24 hours

Baldivis Vet Hospital

597 Baldivis Rd, Baldivis

9524 1466

Open 24 hours