💜Meet Willow💜

Fostered in Golden Bay

PURRSONALIY: Willow came into care with her mum when she was 2 and half months old. She’s lived with families her entire life but unfortunately her living conditions weren’t great with the families being unable to provide adequately for her

Willow is a very playful kitten who loves toys and playing games with her family. She is a very calm little girl who likes soft pats. She is a certain night owl with massive energy (playing with her is very rewarding during this time) in the evening, preferring to have nice long naps during the day. She loves to be in the same room as her humans and when feeling loving will forcibly find a comfy sleeping spot on any human nearby.

Willow is a very calm kitten who takes to people very quickly. She would do well in any quiet or calm house hold with any family make up provided the environment is relaxed like her.

🏡 Willow is a gentle girl who would be fine with children under 5 as long as she had her safe space.  She is also great with other cats and would be ok with a calm dog

🩺Willow is microchipped and will be sterilised when she is old enough.  There is currently a shortage of vaccines in WA and she will be vaccinated when they are in supply again

If you would like to adopt this sweetheart please complete the adoption application online.