Foster Carers






Hi, I’m Jenni and I became a foster carer for 9 Lives in March 2013 and life has definitely not been the same since. I have met so many great people and of course many many cat’s. I had a pregnant mumma cat give birth on my patio in 2011 and with the exception of one kitten (who my Mum adopted) I ended up keeping Mum and 3 kittens and later on the probable Dad. At that time I didn’t know there were rescues such as 9 Lives that could have helped with advice or re-homing so I didn’t trust any strangers to adopt them.

I discovered 9 Lives when I needed help to sterilise and possibly rehome the probable Dad who was annoying a lot of the people in the street. 9 Lives did all his Vet work and he became a community cat. Lately he has become an entirely indoor and cat run cat only with me as this is the safest environment for all cats. I remember seeing a plea on the 9 Lives page about 2 boys needing a carer desperately and no-one was able to help. Well Salem and Sabre arrived and they were the first of many. I have a couple of long term or even “forever fosters” due to medical issues but this fine with me. All the foster cats and resident cats are our family. It is both sad and happy to see a foster cat go to their very own homes.

I would highly recommend becoming a foster carer. In return you will receive love, cuddles, purrs, joy, sadness, fur (lol) AND save lives.


Jenni needs kitty litter donated and obviously $$ to keep the purr babies fed :)