Foster Carers






I have been privileged to have been a foster carer since 2011.

As far back as I can remember I have always loved all animals, and fed many orphan kittens and other dogs and birds in need and found them loving homes. Then after a work accident that left me unable to work, the opportunity arose to become a foster carer looking after cats and dogs in need. They give me a reason to get up and struggle through the constant pain from my injuries, and there is nothing more satisfying seeing a scared and sometimes sick or injured cat, become a loving and trusting kitty ready for a happy future in a loving adoptive home, it tugs at the heart and there are tears of sadness and happiness as you wave them off in the arms of their new parents. I also tend to have an affinity for the disabled and long termers, caring for a couple of sight impaired mother and son kitties and a few feral cats.

Being a foster carer brings you a houseful of love and a satisfaction knowing in a little way you are helping the many animals in need. I wish everyone would consider becoming a foster carer as there is so many rescues needing our help to save lives.


Sharon fosters:

  • Regina who is an older gal with heart issues so needs to have medication daily. Regina was an abandoned cat who has been in care for 4 years. She likes to spend her time in the sun in her cat run.
  • Serene came to us with her kittens from an ex breeder and it soon became clear that she was virtually blind. An eye specialist confirmed this and that her eye sockets are too small for her eyes which is what they appear sunken with the third eyelid showing. She manages just fine though :)
  • Marlin is Serene's son and has the same eye issues with his vision deteriorating as he gets older. Like his mum he manages just fine but it is definitely a genetic issue.


Sharon's foster kitties require donations of kitty litter and $$ for Regina's heart medications.