A collection of articles on topics including rehoming a pet, dealing with neighbourhood cats, and ways to help stray cats.

Cat sitting outside

Even as cat lovers we understand that sometimes you can have unwelcome guests spraying on your doors, tormenting your caged birds, starting cat fights on your front lawn or pooing in your kid's sandpit. Sometimes these cats are owned by your neighbours, stray or feral. Regardless it must be remembered that cats are still living creatures that are just doing their natural thing and that there are humane ways of deterring them from your property. When you have a constant issue with cats in your neighbourhood try the following.

Cat on a jetty

If a stray cat has befriended you or you have caught one then very important to make sure that it doesn't belong to someone. If you rehome the animal without checking its ownership then you're rehoming someone's cherished friend.

Cross eyed cat

We do offer services to help you re-home your family member but with so many stray, orphaned and abandoned animals, our resources can be limited and it takes the pressure off us if you can try to find your cat a new home.

Remember, your cat is your responsibility. Even if you can't keep them any more, your cat still depends on you to do what's best for their future. It'll take time, effort, patience and persistence to find them the right home. With over 200,000 cute, smart and trained animals euthanased ("put to sleep") each year in Australia because a home can't be found for them, making your cat stand out from the crowd isn't going to be easy.

People should not rest all their hopes on the assistance of shelters such as ours however, as the work involved in re homing your cat is still ultimately up to you! So if you have read this far and still think that re homing your cat is the best thing to do then the following information will help you find the best home possible.