Hi my name is Rudolf my foster mum named me this as I was trapped in a roof just before Christmas. I was a bit battered from protecting myself but now am fabulous and have a lovely coat. I was a bit unsure at first when I arrived at my new residence but with a little love and understanding I am now super chilled and love lots of attention and I am sure that I was once I was someone’s cat but I am not sure what happened that saw me on the street living rough. I like to know where you are and do not move too far away from you I will lie under a chair near you if you are sitting at the table and if I cannot see you I will just meow for you to answer so I know you are still there. If you leave the room I will follow you just to make sure that you are ok. I do like to talk so my human is teaching me human and when she calls my name I follow her. I will meow for a good old fashioned rub and pat then sit on the lounge not far from you while you watch TV . I will also let you know when I am feeling hungry with a meow also. I have a few teeth missing so need both wet and dry food. Now that I am used to the comforts of home I like to sleep on that soft thing called a bed sure beats sleeping on the ground. I am ok with other cats but not tested with children and dogs.

Name : Rudolf
Age: Approx 4yrs
Sex: Male
Colour: Striped Tabby
Desexed: Yes
Microchipped: YES
Vaccinated: YES
Vet Checked: YES
Indoors preferred or with a cat run

Fostered in Hillarys

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