Hi there!
My name is NOODLES and I am a sleek, black, baby boy panther of only 14 weeks old. Look at how shiny my coat is and how lanky I am, but don’t be fooled I will grow to be a very handsome boy with raging orange eyes.
My siblings and I didn’t have the best start to domestic life, mum decided we would live in a roof not like other cats and that is where we stayed for the best part of half my life, it wasn’t the best accommodation especially in the middle of summer, but mum thought she knew best. The kind folk at 9 lives came to our aid and brought us into care at 7 weeks, we really didn’t know what people were, and would wiggle out of any chance of being touched or seen. But that is all in the past!
Fast forward 6 weeks and well, I’ve learnt that you humans give me food and treats, cuddles, buy toys for me, play with me, and even clean up my poop! #winning! What else could a little man want?
I am currently living with my little sister (Chilli) in a foster home with 2 adult cats. Although I like to hide when I sleep (which is most of the day because I am still a baby and let’s be fair I’m also a cat), I come alive at dinner time and well into the night. I am still a bit hesitant of humans, and quick movements/noise sends me scurrying but with patience and “Dine tubes” I will become the bestest of boys.
Once in your arms my motor turns on and I will nuzzle you for head kisses, happy to sit contently on your lap when placed there but only until I spot a toy! I love my feather wand and harassing my foster brother who I smother with affection and incessant following much to his annoyance. I will happily jump into bed with you and climb all over you whilst purring. I like my humans to be sitting or lying before I approach them as you guys are so tall, I also love a good hoon around the house with my sister.
I am toilet trained, love my kitten and the adult’s food and my toys, I am still a bit shy so will need someone who has spare time/works from home or who doesn’t have a full-time job now to teach me what humans are all about. I WILL NEED AN OLDER COMPANION CAT to teach me how to cat and how to interact with humans (I’m a monkey see- monkey do kitten).
Untested with Children or dogs; needs another cat.
Age: 14 weeks
Sex: Male
Breed: DSH
Colour Jet Black with random white whisps
Desexed: to be done at 4-5 months
Vaccinated: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Inside only or cat run
Fostered in Balcatta

If you would like to adopt this sweetheart please complete the adoption application online.